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U.S. Cedar Shoe Tree Size Size 45-46

$25.00 SGD $50.00 SGD


This sizing of shoe tree is meant for shoe sizes 46 & 47.

Pay off your quality shoe investment in the long run with a pair of U.S. Cedar Shoe Tree. Our Shoe Trees offer 3 critical benefits;

  • They maintain the shape and size of your shoe by absorbing accumulated moisture, providing structure inside the shoe to prevent the leather from shrinking and smooths out any creases by supporting the uppers while your shoes are not being worn.  
  • They fight the buildup of odours by having excellent moisture absorbency to gradually dry your shoes from the inside.
  • They ease your shoe polishing process by holding the shoe in shape, making the process a lot easier.

Select one size down to prevent expansion of shoes.

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Smells wonderful

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