Wren's Leather Spruce Kit

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Size Guide

Shoe Sizing Guide

Arden Teal uses European sizing for our footwear. To find the size that fits you, we suggest measuring the length of your foot and comparing it to the table below.

Best to follow your dress shoes size as sports/casual shoes size differently.


 How to measure the length of your feet?

Put a ruler or measuring tape on a flat floor or surface. Put foot on ruler and measure from end to end (heel to longest toe). You may find one foot is longer than the other and this is perfectly normal. Use the longer measurement when selecting your size.

What if my measurement is in between?

If you find your measurement is in between, select the bigger size.

Belt Sizing Guide

How to measure your waist circumference?

Waist circumference should be measured where you normally wear your trousers.

The belt length is the entire length of the leather.

The belt length can be adjusted if it's too long by cutting the leather after detaching it from the buckle.

Tees Sizing Guide

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Our Spruce Kit offers a gentle yet powerful way to nourish and revitalise your leather favourites.

The set includes:
Wren's Silky Foam Cleanser 150ml
Wren's Leather Lotion Neutral 125ml
Wren's Classic Polish 100ml
Horsehair Shoe Brush

Special cleaning agent for dirt and water stains.
Cleaning and nourishing lotion, effective against tough stains
Polish with nourishing Lanolin, carnauba and beeswax gives high gloss finishing with water-proofing protection
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