We started this company in Singapore to curate products we were proud of. Products we desired but couldn't access. Impressively designed, high quality products. 

We grew weary of the traditional retail experience. For men who understand the importance of shoes, you will relate to our predicament.

Our Finest Leathers

Our mission was simple. To marry well designed shoes using the highest quality materials with accessible prices.

Sourcing our leathers brought us to the most charming corners of Argentina known worldwide for their leather tanning prowess and rich heritage.

Our Craftsmen

The choice of material plays a critical role in the life and aesthetics of every pair of handcrafted Arden Teal shoes. It sets the stage for designing beautiful, well-made and comfortable shoes by the workshops we collaborate internationally with.

Why Arden Teal

We've built a brand with people and prices we can relate to. Products we love through a brand that is accessible to us.

We hope your experience with Arden Teal will be as enriching as it was for us piecing it together. It’s about time. Invest in yourself.  Slip into a pair of Arden Teal and own who you are.