The Jetsetter's Guide: Travelling with your Leather Shoes
May 16, 2024

The Jetsetter's Guide: Travelling with your Leather Shoes

Leather Shoe Care for Travellers: Tips to Keep your Shoes Looking Pristine on the Go 

Whether you’re jetting off the weekend, or embarking on a globetrotting adventure, an essential item that you’d want to pack for any trip is a nice pair of leather shoes. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, but they also provide you with long-lasting comfort and durability for long days of exploration. In this guide, we’ll share travel tips and tricks with you for travelling with leather shoes, to ensure that they continue looking sharp and well-cared for throughout your travels.
Choosing a High-Quality Leather Shoe
Choosing a high quality leather shoe sets the ground for effortless leather shoe care when on the go. Durable and well-crafted leather shoes are more resistant to wear-and-tear, as compared to lower-quality leather. Try looking out for full grain leather when deciding to get a pair of leather shoes and stray away from anything that says genuine leather. Genuine leather is the term used for anything that is technically leather. Even discarded scraps of leather bonded together can be said to be “genuine leather”. More often than not, genuine leather is not as durable as full grain or top grain leather. Which is why it’s best to stick to either of those two leathers, preferably the former.

Clean Your Shoes Before Packing
The sole purpose of your shoes' existence is to maintain constant contact with the ground. That said, it is essential to do proper cleaning of your shoes before packing them for your travels, to prevent your other clothing items from becoming dirty. Remove the excess dirt using a horsehair brush or a soft cloth before packing them. This will ensure that your shoes are in pristine condition before you start your travels. Additionally, allowing your shoes to properly dry before packing them will prevent moisture from causing damage during travels. 

Packing Tips
Before packing your shoes, consider the best way to protect your leather shoes from damage in transit. Place each shoe in a separate bag when storing them in your luggage, and it will also be important to stuff those bags with paper, to prevent your shoes from shifting around too much, which will lead to scratches and scuff marks. You can use the dustbags we provide with our shoes, to store them for travelling. To further maintain the shape of your shoes, consider stuffing them with socks or small items of clothing; which is why it’s important for you to clean them before packing.

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Carry a Shoe Care Kit
When it comes to leather care on the go, having the right tools and products on hand are essential. Be sure to pack a brush, leather cleaner, a polishing cloth and leather cream in your travelling shoe care kit. Additionally consider bringing along a shoe tree, to help maintain the shape of your shoes when not in use; you could also place them in your shoes when packing them instead of stuffing your shoes with clothing. Do check out our full range of shoe care kits on our website, that have been specially curated for your needs.

Prepare for Inclement Weather
Unpredictable weather can be a pain for leather shoes when travelling. You should protect your leather shoes from potential rain or snow by investing in a can of waterproofing spray. Apply the spray to your shoes just before your trip and during your trip as and when needed. If your shoe does get wet, immediately dry them and avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent cracking of the leather.

Rotate Your Footwear 
If possible, bring an additional pair of shoes for your trip. Rotating your shoes will give them a chance to air out and recover from the effects of daily wear. Alternating shoes prevents excessive wear on a single pair, which will extend the overall lifespan of the shoe.

Storing Your Shoes the Right Way
When your leather shoes are not in use, it is essential for you to store them properly to prevent damage. Avoid storing them in plastic bags or tightly packed spaces, as the humidity in the bag could potentially cause your shoe to misshapen or develop mould. Instead, opt for a breathable storage bag to keep them well-ventilated and protected; not forgetting to place a shoe tree in your shoes, to absorb excess internal moisture and to preserve its shape. The shoe tree will also remove any unpleasant odours.
Give Your Shoes Some Much Needed TLC after the Trip
After you return from your trip, take some time to remove excess dirt, scratches and scuff marks on your shoes; it’ll all be worth it. Do read up our blogpost on: POLISHING LEATHER SHOES - A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE. This guide will take you through the steps of proper shoe polishing and maintenance, making them ready for your next global adventure.

Travelling with leather shoes may require a bit of extra care and attention but the effort is worth it for the comfort, durability and timeless style that they provide. By following these tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your leather shoes stay sharp and well-maintained throughout your travels, allowing you to step out with confidence and elegance wherever your adventures take you. So, pack your leather shoes with confidence and let them shine with elegance throughout your travels.