How to Style the Best Outfits for Sneakers
May 19, 2023

How to Style the Best Outfits for Sneakers

Sneakers at a Glance

Comfortable, versatile and varied – Sneakers have emerged as the go-to footwear of the 21st century for good reason. Today, sneakers come in dramatically different forms and serve specific functions. To help you make sense of the overwhelming choices, let’s delve into the suggested ways of styling the different types of sneakers.


How To Wear Classic Sneakers

The Classic SneakerThe Classic Sneaker – Image Credit via Pinterest 

Classic sneakers refer to the quintessential canvas sneaker, typically in basic colours (red, white, black etc.). The classic sneaker is what typically comes to mind when the word ‘sneakers’ is mentioned. With their low cost and versatility to match most colours and materials (denim, khaki etc.), they have become a staple found in most closets. Still, the nature of canvas as a material means that classic sneakers will not be the most comfortable.


Despite the classic sneakers’ versatility in terms of matching colours and material, they are only suitable for casual occasions. These sneakers can be styled in a variety of ways:


With Jeans

Classic Sneaker with Jeans

Image Credit via Pinterest 

The classic sneaker is most commonly worn with slim-cut or skinny denim jeans. This tried and true pairing has been the basis of countless casual looks. From a plain white tee layered with a striped button-up, denim on denim or with a patterned button-up alone, the classic sneakers and jeans pairing provides the finishing touches for a simple and classic look.

With Chinos

Classic Sneaker with Chino

Image Credit via Pinterest

Besides jeans, you can also pair classic sneakers with a button-up and chino pants to achieve the perfect summer look. Get creative by opting for floral prints, stripes and other patterns in your top and bottom.

With Polo Tees

Classic Sneaker with Polo

Image Credit via Pinterest
Similarly, swap out the button-up for a polo tee. Of the two, the polo tee is better suited for looking sharp while staving off the heat. This makes the polo tee perfect for those out and about in the summertime.
With Athleisure Wear

Classic Sneaker with Athleisure

Image Credit via Pinterest 
For those wanting a more comfortable outfit for activating, pairing classic sneakers with Athleisure wear has also emerged as a fashionable choice.

How To Wear Luxury Sneakers

Luxury Sneakers
The Luxury Sneaker – Image Credit via Pinterest
Stylistically, Luxury Sneakers (also called Fashion Sneakers) bear many similarities to classic sneakers. They are an improvement upon the classic sneaker design, replacing canvas with more comfortable and fashionable materials like leather or suede.

Loreto All White and Mahogany Sneakers

Loreto All White Sneakers                                         Loreto Mahogany Sneakers
Isidro Stone and Ash SuedeIsidro Stone Suede                                                          Isidro Ash Suede  
This material upgrade has elevated the sneaker to the smart casual domain, adding a layer of sophistication to the otherwise casual piece of footwear. Besides denim and chinos, these sneakers can now be paired with tailored pants and even suits as well. Still, this material upgrade is not without its costs, with the luxury sneakers priced substantially higher than their canvas counterparts.


Here are some ways of styling luxury sneakers:


As Casual Streetwear

luxury sneaker as Casual

Image Credit via Pinterest
To complement the clean-cut look of luxury sneakers, it is preferable to opt for pattern-free tops. Solid-coloured denim, polo and button-up shirts are all tops that typically match well with the minimalistic look of the luxury sneaker.
Something to keep in mind when styling luxury sneakers is to avoid pairing them with shorts of any kind. This is because luxury sneakers are quite often bulky, so when they are paired with shorts they tend to look overly chunky and out of place. 


As Smart Casual

luxury sneaker as Smart Casual

Image Credit via Pinterest
There are many options for wearing luxury sneakers as part of a smart casual outfit. For instance, there is the classic suit with a single-breasted jacket. Here, colour-matching the button-up and luxury sneaker can be a simple way of cohering the entire look. 


Alternatively, a simpler approach is pairing the sneakers with a crew neck tee layered with a blazer and matching dress pants. You can also swap out the crew neck for a polo tee to make the look more formal.


Above all, care must be taken in selecting a suitable colour combination from top to bottom.


How To Wear Classic Sports Sneakers 

Classic Sports Sneakers

The Classic Sports Sneaker – Image Credit via Pinterest
The Classic Sports Sneakers were made with athletic achievement in mind, with fashion being a secondary concern. Still, they were the reason sneakers came into fashion all those years ago. Even now, classic sports sneakers are still loved by those who love sneakers and those who appreciate their eye-catching colour combinations.


They are best suited for casual or athleisure wear, and should not be used with suits or blazers for formal occasions.


classic sports sneakers with jeans

Image Credit via Pinterest

A safe bet when styling these sneakers is opting for slim- or tapered-fit denim jeans. Given how loud the shoes already are, the top and bottom should be limited to dark solid colours to ensure the outfit does not clash.

classic sports sneakers with shirt and chino
Image Credit via Pinterest
If your sneakers are more muted in design, they can also be partnered with a loose shirt and chino pants. 


How To Wear Modern Sports Sneakers

Modern Sports Sneakers

The Modern Sports Sneakers – Image Credit via Pinterest
As its name suggests, the Modern Sports Sneakers is the modern refinement of the classic sports sneakers. They come in many forms, from laceless to air cushioned. Stylistically, they are deceptively simple looking, with many ways of styling them wrongly (too old-fashioned, too bulky etc.).


modern sports sneakers outfit

Image Credit via Pinterest
It is best to avoid baggy pants, especially jeans. Instead, choose slim-fit chinos or skinny jeans. As for the tops, go with T-shirts and sweaters to complete the casual look. From there, you can add a jacket as an additional layer in the colder months.


How To Wear Designer Sneakers

Designer Sneakers

The Designer Sneaker – Image Credit via Pinterest
Designer Sneakers have become all the rage in the past decade or so. From the likes of Yeezys to high-fashion brands like Gucci, the creative evolution of designer sneakers has been fast-changing and ever more eye-catching. Styling an outfit to complement some of the outlandish designs of designer sneakers will require careful preparation and planning.


designer sneakers outfit

Image Credit via Pinterest

Similar to styling the loud colours of classic sports shoes, a good principle to follow when styling designer sneakers is to stick with the basics. This means choosing slim-fit denim jeans and plain shirts. Alternatively, baggy or loose-fitting tops and bottoms can be a good look as well.

How To Wear High-Tech Sneakers

High Tech Shoes

The High-Tech Sneaker – Image Credit via Pinterest
High Tech Sneakers are the epitome of fashion forward. They take on the challenge of offering an all-encompassing shoe solution: Combining the comfort of the sneaker design, the capabilities offered by modern shoe-making material and techniques, and the unique aesthetic of designer sneakers. Together, the high tech sneakers offer a unique shoe experience that will benefit many.


High-Tech Sneakers with tech wear

Image Credit via Pinterest
Yet, with their unorthodox look comes the additional challenge of styling a suitable outfit to go with it. Most of these shoes look best with dark and loose-fitting clothing. Stick with cargo pants, sweatpants and the like, and let the shoes be the centrepiece of the outfit.


Sneakers Today

Sneakers have become the most common form of footwear for casual dressing. However, with the rise of fashion and designer sneakers, sneakers have been elevated to the smart casual dress as well (especially as more workplaces gravitate towards dressing down where available). At the same time, a rising number of people have embraced the futuristic and unorthodox designs of high-tech sneakers, which appears to be the next phase of the sneaker evolution.