4 Shoes Every Sartorial Man Needs
February 05, 2024

4 Shoes Every Sartorial Man Needs

Four Shoes that Every Man Needs

Nothing kills your outfit quicker than the wrong pair of shoes. Looking stylish and well-kempt daily can be a challenge, not to mention expensive. This is especially so if your shoe wardrobe isn’t thought out carefully. That said, with the careful curation of a capsule wardrobe consisting of good quality and timeless items, you will not only be able to save money, but will also look great in whatever outfit combination you go for, without having the dilemma of “What to wear?”.

What is a capsule wardrobe?
A capsule wardrobe, sometimes called a minimalist wardrobe, is one where your clothes, shoes and accessories coordinate well with one another. This article goes through FOUR shoes we feel every man should own. But before that, let’s take a look at how you can start building a capsule wardrobe.

Starting your Own Capsule Wardrobe
Image credit via The Essential Men

1. Clear out your Wardrobe

The first step in creating your very own capsule wardrobe is clearing out your wardrobe. Yes, you heard that right. A capsule wardrobe should consist of only items you wear frequently. Anything that hasn’t been worn in the past 6 months, can be cleared out. You don’t necessarily have to throw it out, you can just give it to charity, like what I did; put them to good use, at least. 

2. Identify what’s Missing
Now that your wardrobe has been cleared out, it’s time to go back to basics. Have a think about your day-to-day lifestyle and the outfits you wear the most. You might want to look at your blacks, whites, creams and maybe your greys, to get started.

3. Pick a Colour Palette
Since everything in your capsule wardrobe should be easily coordinated, you should pick a colour palette that makes you look stylish and coordinated. Take a look at your wardrobe and see what colours you wear the most and use these shades as a foundation for starting your wardrobe.

4. Look at Neutral-Coloured Basics
Though you may sometimes feel like adding bolder colours in your wardrobe, we would suggest going back to basics, especially for beginners. You wouldn’t want to add too many bold and vibrant colours that would be a challenge to coordinate.

5. Add Accessories 
Accessories are optional, but they do give a nice touch and flair to everyone’s outfits. You may want to look at some belts, ties, scarves and jewelleries such as rings and necklaces.

6. Add Shoes
Now for the most important part, your shoes. As they say, your shoes are the first thing people notice in your outfit. For starters, these are FOUR basic shoes that every man should own: White sneakers, a pair of loafers, oxfords and of course, chelsea boots.  

White sneakers

Every man reading this, will need a pair of white sneakers. From a casual outing with your family, to a more dressy date night, a pair of white sneakers does it all. It pretty much goes with everything and anything. A pair of classy white sneakers, we would say, are the most important and versatile item on the list. Check out Arden Teal’s minimalist all white sneakers - The Loreto All White. A staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Loreto All White Leather Sneakers

Range of Outfits for White Sneakers - Image credit via Pinterest

Every man needs a pair of loafers in their wardrobe, be it a penny, tassel or belgian loafer. You can opt for leather loafers if you want something more dressy, or if you prefer something more casual, go for linen or suede. If you can’t decide, get both! You can never go wrong with a pair of nice leather loafers. Loafers are more often than not, not on every man’s list, but you’ll be surprised at what flair a pair can add to your wardrobe. As compared to dress shoes, they aren’t entirely formal, but are rather dressy, so they would go well with a nice summer linen suit or if you’re looking for the old money aesthetic. Check out our Olavarria Oxblood Penny Loafers and our Rafael Mahogany Belgian Tassel Loafers



Outfits with Loafers - Image credit via Pinterest


Every man should own a pair of dress shoes in their wardrobe. Oxfords are the most timeless and elegant style; dating back to the 1800s, where it was popularised by Oxford University students. Hence, its name. They are the perfect choice for weddings or formal events and add polish to a professional look needed for job interviews. A handsome pair of shoes will always exude a better first impression. While there are a myriad of colours available, from your blacks to browns, we would say go for a walnut or chestnut . They’re just the most versatile piece. If you’re a veteran at this game and would like to spice things up, you can look at brogues or wingtips. They’ll give your wardrobe an added flair. But if you’re just getting started, go for simple oxfords like  wholecuts or cap toes. 

Do check out our range of oxfords on our website. 

Chelsea Boots
There are many types of boots out there, like your chukkas, your desert or combat boots, but if you’re starting a capsule wardrobe, all you will need are a nice pair of leather chelseas - they’re just the most versatile of them all. The ease of putting them on is what makes them so desirable. Just slip them on and you’re good to go. They can really be worn with any outfit, from your casuals to something a little more dressy, like a suit. If done right, you’ll be the best dressed person in the room. Do check out our blogpost on “How to Wear Chelsea Boots with Style”, to see how we would dress a pair. While you’re at, take a look at our range of chelsea boots

Chelsea Boots Outfits - Image credit via Pinterest 

With these four pairs of shoes, you’ll never again need to worry about what to wear, or running out of options. Now, you’re on your way to starting a capsule wardrobe and becoming the sartorial man you are.